01. I don't like to ride my bicycle in heavy [traffic] because it's too dangerous.
02. [Traffic] is backed up for 5 miles due to a bad accident on the highway.
03. The cyclist was weaving in and out of [traffic].
04. Jeff has just phoned to say that [traffic] is light on Highway 1 this morning.
05. The [traffic] of illegal migrants has become a serious issue in this country.
06. Motorcycle gangs are heavily into drug [trafficking] in this country.
07. Air [traffic] over the city of Los Angeles is said to be incredibly busy.
08. Arnold Bennett once observed that Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn't block [traffic].
09. At the age of 14, Bill Gates formed a company to sell a computerized [traffic] counting system to cities, and it made $20,000 its first year.
10. The world's first electric [traffic] light signal was installed in Cleveland, Ohio.
11. London cabbies estimate their average driving speed to be 10 miles per hour due to increasing [traffic] congestion.
12. The [trafficking] of illegal animal parts for traditional medicines is a serious threat to many endangered species.
13. The Panama Canal opened to [traffic] in August of 1914.
14. John Mendoza once joked, "Fear is being stuck in heavy [traffic]. You just had two cups of coffee and a bran muffin."
15. Will Rogers once remarked that one way to solve the [traffic] problem would be to keep all the cars that aren't paid for off the streets.
16. The [trafficking] of women as prostitutes and wives is on the rise in my country because there are not enough women for the men.
17. Children in developing countries are sometimes [trafficked] into prostitution rings.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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